Inverso Mundus at Rencontres Internationales

March 13th - March 19th, 2017 / Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

Inverso Mundus, Still #3-01

Inverso Mundus will have its theatrical French premiere at Rencontres Internationales in Paris.

Gaîté Lyrique, Grande Salle, Sunday, March 19th, 19:00.
Address: 3 bis rue Papin - 75003 Paris
Subway: Arts et Métiers, Réaumur Sébastopol - lines 3, 4, 11

A major event dedicated to contemporary audiovisual creation, the Rencontres Internationales will offer, from March 13th to March 19th at the Gaîté lyrique, a space of discovery and reflection on new cinema and contemporary art.

In the presence of 100 artists and filmmakers from all over the world, this exceptional edition introduces a brand new international programme, comprising 120 works from 40 countries. By bringing together internationally renowned artists and filmmakers with young and emerging ones, the audience will attend indoor screenings – premieres, cartes blanches, special sessions, video screenings, performances – as well as roundtables and forums led by directors of art centres and museums, curators, artists and distributors, who will share their experience and views on new audiovisual practices and issues with the audience.
This is a unique platform in Europe where artists can meet with each other, exchange ideas with a large audience and initiate new projects. This new edition of Rencontres Internationales offers a rare and exciting glimpse into contemporary moving image practices.
Entry is free but space is limited.

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