Who wants to live forever...





AES / AES+F, 1998

Video (AES), duration: 6 min 25 sec, aspect ratio 4:3; and a photo series of 9 photographs (AES+F).

Production support and exhibition Art Media Center «TV Gallery», Moscow.




The main concept of this project is the critic of the global media system. The photo series and video WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER regards not only the media, which uses the sexual scandals and the death of the celebrities but also the exhibitionistic behavior of the media star.


As Woody Allen said, the career top of a media star, who produces nothing but his face on the screen, is death.


The work was exhibited at Kunsthalle Faust, Hanover, Germany; Split film festival, Split, Croatia; Impact Film Festival, Utrecht, Holland; Art in General, New York, USA; State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia; Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia. 


Credits for video:

Directing: AES group (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky);

Camera: Eric Malinin;

Editing: Marat Kedrov;

Setup: AES;

Make-up: Ludmila Dyakova;

Music consulting: George Arzamasov;

Technical assistant: Vladimir Ferents;

Car driver: Max Svytasky;

«Mercedes» seat is a courtesy of Sergey Artemiev;

the dress is a courtesy of Alexander Petlura;

Songs «Forever», «Who wants to live forever»: music by «Queen», the song by Freddy Mercury.


Special thanks to Vladimir Fridkes.

Support: Cine Fantom Club, Moscow and Art Media Center «TV Gallery», Moscow