AES+F, 1997

A series of 14 photographs – portraits of teenage girls. Installation and portfolio.





Seven Sinners and Seven Righteous


To this project we were led by actual events, which have been shown by international mass media.

This events are associated by their main heroines – girls from good families, age of 11-14, who have committed unmotivated from the point of view of common sense murders.

The realization of the project had begun in one of the reformatories for criminal girls. Seven girls had been selected for photographing. It was explained to them, that their portraits would be exposed anonymously together with portraits of ordinary, nothing remarkable girls. The girls who agree were photographed on a neutral background, which is not bearing on self-any atmosphere of reformatory institution. Moreover, it was offered to them to represent themselves for shooting as much as possible attractively how they see themselves (hairdo, make-up, and nice clothes).

Seven other girls had been photographed in Moscow school also on a neutral background.

14 portraits (transparencies projections or prints) of the girls of the same age (7 murderers and 7 innocent) are exhibited in one space.
The spectator is frustrated by a question «Who is the murderer»? He involuntarily acts in a role of the witness, called to find out on unnoticeable signs that girl, who is.

On the opening of the exhibition a performance could be held starring a 10-12 years girl wearing red dress, gloves and shoes, who distributes lottery tickets among the public.

The visitor of the exhibition who guessed seven murderers gets a prize.

Translation by Ethan Pollock